Kingdom of Earth
Three one acts by Tennessee Williams


                    27 Wagons Full of Cotton
                    Talk To Me Like The Rain And Let Me Listen
                    Kingdom of Earth

Written across three decades,
Kingdom of Earth is a unique presentation of the power of Williams' writing. 

Individually, the pieces explore the impulse to dominate, sexual consciousness and ownership - woven together for the first time, an underlying story rich in symbolism emerges about the cultural creation of modern America and sexuality's place in it. 

Visceral and lyrical, Kingdom of Earth conjures worlds of sweet pain and nightmarish landscapes.  The simple story of Sweat Rain Flood is brought to life.  With muscular and emotionally raw performances, and a strikingly bold design, Tennessee Williams returns to Melbourne in full force.

"Cradling the big white purse in her arms, she advances slowly and tenderly to the edge of the porch. The moon shines full on her smiling and ravaged face."

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